Four students, two from Norbuling Central School and two from Pelrithang Middle Secondary School in Gelephu, have been missing since June 9.

The parents of a 16-year-old class eight student of Pelrithang school lodged a complaint with the police yesterday stating that their daughter did not return home since June 9.

The parent claimed that their daughter was last seen with a class 10 student of the same school.

It is suspected that the two students have eloped. While the boy is from Samtenling, the girl is from Dzomlingthang.

The other two boys, aged 15 and 16, went missing since the morning of June 10 from their home in Karbithang, Chuzagang. The boys, who are cousins, were studying in the seventh standard.

The parents lodged the complaint with Gelephu police yesterday.

The boys’ grandfather said that when the family members went to wake the boys, their beds were empty.  “They have taken all their clothes except the school uniform,” he said.

The grandfather said before lodging a complaint with the police they were waiting if the two boys would return. “Midterm examination is about to start and the parents are worried,” he said. “The school authority informed the parents that if the boys did not return to school in a week, their admission would be cancelled.”

Gelephu police said they are looking for the missing students. “The parents should have lodged complaints as soon as they were found missing,” a police official said.

Meanwhile, this is first missing case lodged this year in Gelephu. Last year two cases were registered.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Gelephu