Four suicide cases were reported to the national referral hospital in Thimphu in the last two weeks.

The most recent involved a 23-year-old man committing suicide in Olakha, yesterday.

According to forensic officials at the hospital, there is clear evidence that the 23-year-old crossed the river and took his life himself on the other side of the river. His clothes and shoes were drenched.

On March 29, a 29-year-old took his life in Khasadrapchu.

A forensic official said that the 29-year-old man had left a suicide note where it indicated that he had some relationship issues. Based on their friends’ statements, the other two also seems to have relationship issues while for one, it appears to be work related issues.

In the first two reported cases from Changgidhaphu (Kala Bazar) earlier this month, it was found that both men were under the influence of alcohol when they took their lives.

About 12 suicide cases including six females were reported to the national referral hospital in Thimphu last year, four less than the previous year.

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