The claim that individuals in need of surgery can bypass hospital procedures, as the clinic purportedly provides surgical-free cures, have sparked concerns among medical doctors

Lhakpa Quendren

A bus driver, who quit school and later became a gup, becomes top doctor in India, overnight, and opens a clinic that has cure and treatment for any ailment.

The Bhutan Qualifications and Professionals Certification Authority (BQPCA) has issued a warning regarding the unauthorised functioning of the Indo-Bhutan Neurotherapy Centre located at Dadgari in India.

This center is managed by a Bhutanese individual.

Former Gelephu Gup Ugyen Wangchuk, claiming as a medical doctor, founded and presently manages a clinic located in Dadgari, positioned about one kilometre away from the Gelephu border gate.

The Medical and Health Professionals Council received written complaints concerning patients who stopped taking prescribed medications based on advice provided by Ugyen Wangchuk. This led to subsequent medical complications for the affected individuals.

In a public notification issued yesterday, the authority cautioned unauthorised individuals against participating in the provision or endorsement of medical treatments through social media groups. This measure is aimed at averting potential risks to public health and safety.

As per the authority’s findings, Ugyen Wangchuk lacks the requisite medical qualifications and certifications. However, he asserts proficiency in treating certain diseases and actively advocates for various treatment protocols on social media groups.

Medical and health professionals must register with the Council in order to practice their profession.

The authority encourages the public to seek medical advice exclusively from registered medical and health professionals to safeguard their well-being and safety.

BQPCA cautioned that the Council would not address any complaints or take responsibility for medical complications resulting from services provided by unqualified individuals or those located outside Bhutan.

As the regulatory authority overseeing the education and practice of medical and health professionals in the country, BQPCA said that any individual discovered practicing without registration with the Council would be held accountable for any consequences stemming from such unlawful practice.

An official said that the authority would involve the government for any actions to be taken, as he operates clinics outside Bhutan.

“We can only caution the public that any complications arising from the practice of unregistered medical and health professionals are at their own risk,” he added.

Ugyen Wangchuk’s assertions suggesting that individuals in need of surgery can bypass hospital procedures, as his clinic purportedly provides surgical-free cures, have sparked concerns among medical doctors.

Officials and doctors refute these claims as entirely false and caution people against seeking such services across borders.

“He even alleges that the clinic possesses a scanning machine capable of detecting all diseases within a matter of minutes,” said a doctor. “In this scenario, individuals with chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) who are effectively managing their conditions may inadvertently cease their regular medication, which has been scientifically proven and tested.”

Ugyen Wangchuk’s treatment advertisements on Facebook have garnered widespread circulation and shares among individuals, including those who are educated.

A patient who underwent treatment for lower back pain said that although he experienced relief for about four days, the pain returned to its usual state thereafter.

“He uses earthing, which provides temporary relief, charging Nu 1,500 per session. He recommended a month-long treatment, but I declined,” the patient said.

According to residents of Gelephu, Ugyen Wangchuk also claims to be among the few distinguished doctors in India and that an Indian minister has requested his services in India.

“He claims to be one of the only 20 doctors in India capable of treating that other doctors cannot,” said a resident.

Prior serving as a gup, reliable sources indicate that he worked as a bus driver.

Despite multiple attempts to reach him, Ugyen Wangchuk could not be contacted.