Chencho Dema

Pema Drukpa, 40, and Lhaba Lhaba, 30, both representing the People’s Democratic Party PDP), emerged victorious from their respective constituencies.

Pema Drukpa, the Khamaed-Lunana candidate, triumphed over his 31-year-old opponent Dhendup, securing a total of 531 votes (441 through Electronic Voting Machines and 90 via postal ballots). Dhendup received 397 electronic votes, while 33 votes were cast on paper.

The Khamaed-Lunana constituency had a total of 1,176 registered voters, including 537 males and 639 females.

Lhaba Lhaba, in the Khatoed-Laya constituency, secured a total of 688 votes (628 through electronic voting machines and 60 via postal ballots). His 30-year-old rival, Ugyen Dem, received 222 votes in total (186 EVM and 36 postal ballots).

The Khatoed-Laya constituency recorded a total of 1,128 votes, with 556 male voters and 572 female voters.