Polling officials of Rakashong polling station (PS) in Lunana were the last batch of polling officials to reach the PS in Gasa yesterday.

The officials reached the PS after a two-day walk. The PS caters to the voters of Raminang chiwog, residing with their herds in Rakashong at this time of the year.

There are more than 60 voters from the Raminang chiwog. The PS also caters to the voters from Esuna chiwog that has more than 20 households.

Gasa has 11 polling stations in two constituencies.

Out of four gewogs in Gasa, only Khatoed and Khamed are connected with motorable road.

Khatoed-Laya constituency has two PS catering to 700 voters and Khamed-Lunana has four catering to more than 500 voters.

The election office is waiting for the last postal ballots to reach the counting centre.

The counting centre had received more than 220 ballots until yesterday.

The dzongkhag election office deployed 47 polling officials in 11 PS.

Nima  | Gasa