The courtrooms in the country will from now adopt the use of drilbu (bell) in place of gavel.

Drilbu would be used in the courtrooms to signify the beginning, ending, recess, or adjournment of court proceedings, among others.

According to Buddhism, there are different drilbu with different significance. It is believed that the sound emanating from the bell awakens sentient beings from ignorance.

Drilbu is usually used while offering libation to the guardian deities, reciting mantras, receiving blessings and initiations, and offering gratitude to the deities.

​Drilbu also marks the changing of prayers and tune during religious ceremonies. Judiciary officials said that use of gavel was a borrowed system from the west​.​

According to the guideline that was issued​,  drilbu must always be held i​n​​ the ​left hand.

Three rings of drilbu will be made  to attract attention and call the court proceeding to order, or to mark the commencement and ending of court proceedings.​ ​

A guideline​ on the use of drilbu states ​that drilbu must be rung inwards for beginning of court session and outwards for the ending.

The Yoenten Lopen Truelku Thinley Lhuendup handed over the drilbu to the judges last Saturday.

Tshering Namgyal