There is excitement in the cold Thimphu air. Much to the delight of the residents, the capital city’s roads are getting resurfaced, gates are getting repainted,  dirt  and bushesare being cleared, and school children are practicing hard for the dance competition on December 15.

Drive or walk around the capital city and we will hear music or songs as hundreds, if not thousands, put final touches to be ready for the 116th National Day on Sunday. Beyond the beautification, the excitement comes from the speculation that the 116th National Day is going to be a historic one, with words doing the round that there will be important announcements made on the day.

The co-ordinating committee or officials involved will reveal the details soon as they finalise the details. The speculation is that more than a hundred VVIPs would attend the National Day this year and that the Paro international Airport is scrambling for space to park private planes belonging to guests. 

Even without the speculations including who would be honoured that fuels the excitement, our National Day is one of the most important days that every Bhutanese look forward to. For the Bhutanese people, the National Day is more than a mere function or a celebration.

For many, including those who try to get the best spot at the national stadium at 1 am in the morning, it is not the lottery prize,  music or dances. Many who come to the venue do so to listen to their King, because the royal address to the nation has been the guiding light as Bhutan and Bhutanese navigate new hurdles. 

If our elected leaders, the bureaucrats and public servants draw inspiration from His Majesty’s address, His Majesty The King had been, profoundly and bluntly, clear about the national vision and aspirations. 

With five days left for the big day, there is hope in the air. What will be shared, we all know,  will be a clear path or strategic direction for Bhutan and Bhutanese to move forward in the 21st century. As preparation for the much-awaited National Day, what we could ask ourselves is how and where we can contribute to fulfil the aspirations of our King.

Like the preparation works for the National Day, we cannot leave it to the co-ordinators or to a few organisations. The speculation is that we are about to venture on an important undertaking; we have to understand the importance of it all and work together to make turn our dreams into a reality.