Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Given the frequent fire incidents resulting in huge property losses and lives,  local leaders in Trashigang proposed a fire engine at Rangjung police station for the northern gewogs of Trashigang.

Bidung Gup Chador Phuntsho said that the house fire incidents in Trashigang have been increasing every year and a fire engine at the Rangjung police station would help immensely in saving properties and lives.

He said a fire engine at Rangjung would be quicker to reach the eight neighbouring gewogs in northern parts of the dzongkhag like Merak, Sakteng, Phongmey, Radhi, Shongphu, Bartsham, Bidung, and Samkhar.

Sakteng gup, Tshewang Tshering supported the proposal saying that a fire fighting facility is important for Sakteng and Merak as all houses are clustered and vulnerable to fire.

He said the firefighting engines took about two hours to reach the site from Trashigang.

Phongmey Gup Namgyel Wangdi said that everything would be razed to the ground waiting for firefighting vehicles. 

“About two houses were razed due to lack of fire-fighting vehicles.”

Local leaders said that northern gewogs have high population density and clustered settlements, and a fire engine is required at Rangjung.

Trashigang Police said that they were also concerned about the issue and supported the submission.

“The need is genuine but prevention of fire from the source is important,” a police officer said. “Gewog administrations can inspect electrical wirings in the villages to prevent disasters.”

He said that installing fire preventative measures such as gas detectors, sprinkler systems, and hydrant systems, can save lives and properties.

The DT resolved to submit the resolution to the relevant departments and ministry.