Lhakpa Quendren

Zhemgang — Once known for his excessive alcohol consumption, 48-year-old Nima Gyeltshen, a senior health assistant at the Manas Sub-post in Panbang, Zhemgang, has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a social media sensation with his insightful writing.

The style of Nima’s prose has garnered admiration from numerous readers, spurring him to refine his craft further. When asked about his writing prowess, he attributed it to his voracious reading habits.

“I used my leisurely hours to read books, which ultimately led some people to acclaim me for my beautiful writing. During such free time, I used to compose, edit, and post articles of my interest,” Nima humbly said.

Following his decision to give up alcohol in 2016, Nima embarked on a spiritual journey which brought him to a profound realisation—that writing was a mundane engagement with far greater significance than he had ever imagined.

He firmly believes that writing offers numerous advantages beyond being a mere reader, such as garnering popularity, building self-confidence, exploring the world virtually, and, of course, acquiring knowledge.

Remarkably, Nima’s writing also proved instrumental in raising funds through successful crowdfunding efforts, amounting to approximately Nu 1 million. These funds were dedicated specifically to support spiritual endeavours in local schools and communities, showcasing the positive impact of his words.

However, Nima’s path to success was not without challenges. In 2003, he was transferred from Chumey Basic Unit, Bumthang, to Kheng Nagor, Mongar, as a disciplinary measure due to his drinking habits, which earned him the label of a “non-performing” worker.

The remote location of Kheng Nagor, devoid of basic facilities and separated from his family in Bumthang, intensified his struggles and exacerbated his drinking habits.

“I felt even more devastated,” Nima said.

Yet, amidst adversity, Nima’s determination to give back to his homeland persisted. He briefly served at Zhemgang BHU-I, Namergang BHU in Bjoka, and Pantang BHU. Despite battling his addiction, he made the conscious choice to remain in Khengri-Namsum and devotedly serve his fellow natives.

“No health worker would ever choose to come and serve in a place where there is no road, no mobile connectivity, and not many people,” he admitted. “We live among wild animals and under the trees. To save the young minds from rusting, I choose to stay here.”

Born and raised in the remote village of Panbang in Zhemgang, Nima is now celebrating his 25th year of service in the country’s remote health facilities, having commenced his journey in 1998.

His passion for healthcare led him to pursue a two-year health assistant certificate course in 1998 after Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination in Zhemgang High School in 1996.

In addition to his professional commitments, Nima is a devoted father to a daughter and two sons, while also shouldering the responsibility of caring for his aging parents. His lone brother faces the challenges of severe hearing impairment and chronic alcoholism, making Nima’s journey all the more arduous.

Nima Gyeltshen’s story stands as a testament to the power of transformation and the profound impact of determination and the written word.

Through his inspiring journey, he continues to uplift his community and inspire countless others to turn their lives around, proving that words, when wielded wisely, have the power to change lives.