Nima Wangdi   

The Government of India (GoI) would be facilitating a special concessional rate on the third international internet gateway for Bhutan as per the Bhutan government’s request.

Indian Ambassador to Bhutan, Sudhakar Dalela said this during the technology roundtable yesterday.

Representatives from the Royal Society for STEM, DeSuung Skilling Programme, the government, GovTech Agency, Thimphu TechPark Ltd., Druk Gyalpo’s Institute, a number of civil society organisations, and various private sector tech companies took part in the meeting.

Participants shared useful suggestions to deepen India-Bhutan collaboration in areas such as the development of ICT infrastructure and skilling, enhanced engagement at the industry level, STEM education opportunities, and cross-border digital connectivity and digital payments according to a press release from the Indian embassy.

“India is collaborating with the Royal Government of Bhutan on a number of technology initiatives including the Third International Internet Gateway for Bhutan, harnessing space technology for societal benefits, ‘Digital Drukyul’, NKN-DrukREN education network, India-Bhutan e-Library project, cross-border fin-tech integration, mutual investments in the tech sector, and STEM education initiatives for Bhutanese youth,” a press release from the Indian Embassy stated.

The ambassador also emphasised that the GoI is committed to further strengthening its close ties of friendship and cooperation with Bhutan across all sectors including the technology domain, in keeping with the priorities of the people and the government.

The embassy organised the meeting to discuss ways to expand India-Bhutan cooperation in the digital technology sector.