Lhakpa Quendren

Sarpang – A heart-wrenching narrative of endurance unfolds, as 37-year-old Gorey Maya Sunar emerges as a beacon of strength against the darkest of circumstances. The shadow of domestic violence cast its long and relentless shadow over Gorey Maya’s life, forever altering the trajectory of her existence.

In March 2019, a mother of three—two daughters and a son—experienced a harrowing incident when her alcoholic husband hit her neck with wood and left her paralyzed.

Her husband had been serving a prison term but was released in 2022 after his former employer’s appealed to the court paying Nu 45,000.

However, he was again imprisoned following another assault on her in August 2022. “Despite assurance that he would take me to the hospital for timely medication, he failed to do so,” says Gorey Maya.

“I find it difficult to live with this condition. I am not being able to do anything and instead, I feel like I am becoming a burden on my mother and children,” she said.

Currently, she stays with her mother and daughters in one of the structures of the old integrated breeding centre below the Gelephu-Sarpang highway, which has remained closed since the 1990s.

“We have been provided with temporary housing in a government facility without charge. However, our stay here remains uncertain, and we are worried about being asked to vacate due to potential redevelopment plans for these structures,” she said.

The elder daughter is currently pursuing her studies in the sixth grade, while the younger one is in the third grade. She is unaware of her son’s whereabouts, who dropped out of school after completing fifth grade. “I believe he is looking for some work.”

Gorey Maya Sunar faces challenges accessing timely medical care at the hospital.

“I reach out to the hospital during emergencies and for assistance with medical care at home,” she said, adding that she lacks the financial resources to afford regular hospital visits and nutritious food.

The family finds respite from the kindness of an employee at Shechamthang in Gakiling, who occasionally provides food and essential items.