KP Sharma

After a month in office, the government assesses its initial period as notably productive, citing achievements such as actively engaging stakeholders from different regions and sectors to address their concerns, enhancing service delivery, and introducing fresh initiatives under the new administration.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, speaking at the first Meet-the-Press session yesterday, said that his visits to various locations, alongside a series of meetings and consultations, were aimed at instilling hope and inspiring the people.

He stated the significance of collective endeavors for success in a country with a small population, urging everyone to work diligently and intelligently.

“To empower people to work effectively, they require inspiration, and their hope must remain alive,” he remarked, acknowledging that prevailing circumstances “have left many feeling hopeless.”

Prime Minister also stressed the importance of conducting meetings diligently, ensuring they start and end punctually.

Following the meetings, he stressed the necessity of follow-up procedures and efficient service delivery. These meetings, he added, served as groundwork for the government’s forthcoming plans and initiatives, as well as preparation for the 13th plan.

Prime Minister said that considerable time has been dedicated to deliberating the 13th plan; recently ministers held meetings with civil servants for two days for detailed discussions.

“All ministries have extensively deliberated on the plan, and I will initiate individual meetings with each of them in the upcoming week,” the Prime Minister said and highlighted a beneficial practice within the government, where Cabinet members are obliged to submit weekly plans detailing achievements and shortcomings from the previous week, along with reasons for any deficiencies.

This, he said, fosters the sharing of experiences, recommendations, and identification of potential opportunities for ministry improvement.

Regarding directives and executive orders issued on the first day in office, the Prime Minister said that while signing these orders may appear routine, their true success lies in the resulting outcomes.

Prime Minister informed the media representatives that the majority of directives, except one to ministries and agencies, have been completed, with recommendations submitted to his office.

Details of these directive-related works will be presented to the Cabinet for further discussion before implementation.