Government’s plan to start slaughter house, a slap on GNH: DCT

The party is requesting the government to shelve its plan

Meat: Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) said that the party is shocked at and deeply distressed by the government’s plan to start slaughterhouses in the country.

The party said that while economic self-reliance and food self-sufficiency are critical national objectives, the government must also remember that it must fulfill the mandate without causing unnecessary distress to the people.

In a press release issued yesterday, the party recommended the government to explore innovative ideas to offset the negative balance of trade and rupee deficit in the economy, describing the government’s plan as “quick-fix solutions”.

DCT said that opening of abattoirs and meat-processing units contradict with the age-old Buddhist values and reflect poorly of the government’s economic strategy to boost the economy.  “Although we cannot deny the fact that meat imports result in outflow of substantial amount of rupee from the economy, the overall trend is largely due to excessive imports against exports across all sectors.”

The party said that it would make better sense if the government comes up with viable alternatives and long-term strategies to boost exports and revitalise our economy than focusing on “small and pet projects”.

DCT said the government’s economic plans must be in line with the guiding principles of GNH. “All major policies have to undergo GNH screening test and we hope the government will apply the screening measures to projects and programs as well.”

Government should be mindful of the repercussions of such initiatives and take into consideration the sentiments of people of Bhutan, said DCT. “We hope good sense will prevail and the plan to start slaughterhouses will be shelved for good.”

By MB Subba

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  1. joker
    joker says:

    Bhutan’s peace and sovereignty lies in the very essence of Buddhism and its spirituall power, not in the strength of economy. Most of the countries are much richer than Bhutan, but in contrast, people in Bhutan are much, much happier than those in the rich countries. Strong economy does not necessarily bring peace and happiness.

  2. Topaz
    Topaz says:

    Is it not foolish and biased on the part of a POLITICAL PARTY to condemn the government that sincerely proposes to uplift the lives of men, women and children critical to national objectives of economic development contributing towards self reliance and food self sufficiency?!.

    MIGNIEN says:

    LOGICAL is one the rare commentator to understand the future of Bhutan : development first . I think to the youths ! How to give them faith in their country and hope for their future ; Youths is the wealth of the country .
    Let Lord Buddha give them the strength to find jobs they hope and ways of living in that locked country !! .

  4. Diggle
    Diggle says:

    One good idea would be why not our government ban meat for one year and see if anyone can go vegetarian. I am not writing to support establishment of slaughter house in our country. i am also not vegetarian. i like meat but i am uncertain if the meat i consume is good enough. i want to know if someone can show me those meat coming from India is safe enough for human consumption. If someone can show me they are following standard method of raising animal and disposing.

  5. Master
    Master says:

    How would our people feel distress? It would be just the opposite i.e if they didn’t get some meat. Let’s not bring religion in view and as far as GNH is concerned we are trying to make our people happy by doing so. Here economics has taker over religion, so there isn’t much we can do as these are negative effects of development. I suggest we look at the situation in a positive way and think that we are in some way balancing nature. Imagine if all of us were vegan, then all plants and vegetables would be gone to feed these animals. so I think god created a system to balance everything. Like natural disasters help balance humans. What do you think?

  6. logical
    logical says:

    Is DCT a wing of religious Bhutanese worshiping arts and crafts of the convicted criminals struggling to escape from hell in own way or a political party with capacity to lead the Bhutanese of VAST variations?
    How does adopting to the logical path of economic progress hamper GNH in Bhutan? What is GNH after all in DCT’s view that should take OFFENSE at the idea of progress and sustainability, at least in one of the main areas: FOOD SELF SUFFICIENCY?
    Go government, go ahead with the plan. The OPPOSERS do not seem to have any valid point to stop the proposal than presenting emotional rants. That is not hindrance to the government from proceeding ahead boldly with the noble objective. It is just proof that there is no REASON to reconsider and rethink about what was proposed. Peace.

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