The only change at the then institute of Zorig Chusum

Following directives from the government, the Institute of Zorig Chusum in Trashiyangtse is now renamed as the College of Zorig Chusum.

The College of Zorig Chusum replaces the erstwhile College of Rigney that was inaugurated in August last year.

The renaming, however, has brought in more confusion among the staff and students. Save for the name, nothing has changed in the college.

While the institute provides certificate-level courses in various zorig fields and also an institutional-diploma in painting, sculpture and gold and silver smithing, the college would offer national diploma in sculpture from July.

It was learnt that the college is not under the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and has not developed any degree-course so far. It was also learnt that it has not announced for new enrollments or recruited any instructors.

In a clarification letter from the labour ministry on March 21, the ministry stated that the college has already initiated offering diploma level courses in zorig fields at the college.

It was learnt that the diploma offered were of the institutional level and not of national level.

On February 14, a letter from the Department of Technical Education of the labour ministry stated that the ministry would no longer pursue the operationalisation of the College of Rigney at the institute of zorig chusum.

Save for one, 11 students who were selected to study at the College of Rigney will leave for Taktse College of Language and Cultural Studies in Trongsa by July.

“All my friends ask me why the college is closing and I’ve no answer to them. It is embarrassing,” said one of the students who would leave for Taktse. “It is not a desirable move from the government but then there is nothing we could do,” said the student requesting anonymity.

“We have lost a year and become junior to our classmates,” said another student.

Meanwhile, the letter from the labour ministry stated that the ministry in the 12th Plan would work towards establishing a College of Zorig Chusum in Trashiyangtse. However, the institute was renamed immediately following media reports on the closure of the then College of Rigney.

The college of Rigney was established as part of the government’s pledge to establish three new colleges in the east.

A truck remains stranded in the swollen Omchhu in Phuentsholing. Incessant rain has swollen the river leading to the closure of the bypass near the truck parking area that goes through Omchhu.

Younten Tshedup | Trashiyangtse