… 116th National Day at Changlimithang Stadium

Jigmi Wangdi

As part of the National Day celebrations, attendees can expect an evening musical concert at Changlimithang Stadium. 

The concert coordinator, Choeying Jatsho anticipates the annual National Day events to grow in scale. He said, “This year, 26 well-known artists will perform their popular songs.”

The initiative it takes to ensure the day becomes a success is a collaborative effort among many organisations, Choeying said. 

“We have so many different organisations working hand-in-hand. The collaboration among all these stakeholders is a beacon that signifies unity, something that every Bhutanese feels when we celebrate the National Day,” he said. 

This year’s concert features a variety of performances including choreographed dances by members of the Desuung Skilling Programme (DSP), who have been training with a professional instructor from Thailand. 

Similarly, another team from DSP are working on setting up the sounds and lights for the day, while the DeSuungs Alpha team constructs the stage. 

“We are trying to use every avenue to ensure the people are fully entertained. We are using techs such as LED bracelets for the dancers, for which DHI Drive is supporting us,” Choeying said. 

“There is also a collaboration with Bhutan Aerotech for the use of drones. Independent Bhutanese filmmakers like Yeshi Lhendhup Films will be documenting the buildup for the National Day as well,” he said. 

Choeying said that the Thimphu Thromde is having a card made for the performers which will ensure free access to city bus services. “These small things help facilitate convenient services to the performers, as they are mostly young and do not drive.”  

Choeying added that the concert will be held between 6pm and 8pm, to have the young and old alike take part in the celebrations. “Everyone keen on coming just has to register from the Bhutan App.” 

The concert has around 23 items on the list with popular songs like Phudo Sa, Bum Jarim, and Joyi Joyi, among others. 

Choeying shared that a band from Denmark will also be performing among the Bhutanese artists. 

“Performing on the National Day stage is one of the biggest for our Bhutanese artists. And the songs that we have selected are those that have been greatly received by the people,” Choeying said. 

The Royal Office of Media is the overall coordinator of the programme. “We are all grateful to ROM for giving us all this opportunity to be a part of the day,” Choeying said.