Sherab Lhamo

The Green Bhutan Corporation Limited (GBCL) in collaboration with MyBhutan and EcoMatcher has planted 25,000 tree seedlings in Pemagatshel, Mongar, and Chhukha since June 2. 

The tree-planting pilot project is expected to maximise native tree species and introduce economically valuable species in these dzongkhags.

Eight varieties of economically viable trees such as Amla, Oak, wild walnut (Juglan Regia), bluepine, among others were planted to help generate income in these communities, said the Chief Executive Officer of GBCL Karma Jigme Temphel.

The team plans to plant an additional 35,000 tree seedlings next year.

EcoMatcher’s technology app TreeCorder, helps take the geo-coordinates of the seedlings planted using SWMap app that provides data of the species planted, photo of the plant, and name of that planter. It is then synchronised with the app. The company provides a global platform for tree planting. 

The five-year project is piloted at the cost of Nu 4.2 million for planting and maintaining the initial 25,000 seedlings.