Thinley Namgay

The Greener Way’s waste drop-off centres are expected to bring about a behavioral change among the people in the capital to combat plastic waste issues.

The waste drop-off centres are one of the components of the Greener Way’s Bhutan Waste Bank (BWB) project, which was launched on April 18, coinciding with the Zhabdrung Kuchoe. The project, worth USD 1.5 million, was funded by the World Bank.

These 12 waste drop-off centres, which will be established by Greener Way within a year, would incentivise anyone in cash if they bring segregated waste and dispose of it at the centres.

Despite many waste reduction strategies initiated by the relevant agencies, waste remains an issue in the country. Non-segregation and irresponsible dumping remain major hurdles to solving waste problems.

The idea of cash incentives is expected to encourage residents to segregate waste at the source. Today, Bhutan produces 172.16 metric tonnes of solid waste daily, with Thimphu alone accounting for 40.3 tonnes.

Greener Way’s drop-off centres will be monitored strictly, according to officials.

Greener Way’s BWB project intends to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic waste in the country. The project would also upscale and relocate existing eco-pole plants and establish PET washing and shredding plants.

Greener Way’s Chief Executive Officer, Karma Yonten, said, “Simultaneously with these three projects, Greener Way intends to create financial value for recyclable waste, which when disposed of in drop-off centres, will be rewarded with cash based on the category of waste.”

“The rate will be announced soon,” he said, adding that plastic flakes would be exported to India as raw materials.

The BWB project expects to help the country achieve zero-waste by 2030 and further strengthen its carbon-neutral status.

Under the BWB project, Greener Way will offer engagement opportunities to individuals, associations, and entrepreneurs from different locations in Thimphu. These opportunities include roles as waste segregators, waste depositors, employees, BWB champions, and agents.