The launched of the registration for the Gyalsung National Service Programme marks a significant milestone in Bhutan’s journey towards a better future. While the programme’s launch was delayed due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it now offers an invaluable opportunity for Bhutanese youth born in 2005 to contribute to their nation’s development and security.

As of late yesterday evening, nearly 400 youths have already registered for the programme, highlighting the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility among our young citizens. This level of engagement reflects the strong support that the programme received when it was introduced in the Parliament last year. It is evident that our society recognises the importance of nurturing the potential of our youth and empowering them to shape Bhutan’s destiny in the 21st century.

The programme has clear and noble objectives. Its aim is to equip our youth with the necessary skills, discipline, and attributes to thrive in the modern world while also fostering a sense of national pride and responsibility. By bringing together young Bhutanese from diverse backgrounds, this programme serves as a unifying force that transcends differences of creed or colour. It will immerse our youths through shared experiences and a rite of passage, reinforcing the values instilled in them through our education system.

One of the primary goals of the Gyalsung Programme is to encourage independent thinking and self-reliance among our youth. These qualities are essential for individuals to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the nation as a whole. By nurturing these attributes, the programme not only benefits the participants but also Bhutan’s overall security, sovereignty, and economic well-being. In essence, it is an investment in our nation’s future.

The programme, more importantly, aligns with the aspirations of young Bhutanese who envision a dynamic, forward-looking, and prosperous Bhutan. It offers them a platform to develop the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world. This initiative provides an essential bridge between education and practical life, enabling young people to apply their knowledge and contribute to nation-building.

As we move forward with the programme, it is crucial to maintain a sense of responsibility and commitment. While our youth possess inherent qualities of responsibility, it is our collective duty to reinforce and nurture these attributes. The programme is a means to achieve this, but it also requires the active involvement of parents, educators, and the broader community to provide guidance and support.

The launch of the programme is a historic moment for Bhutan. It represents an opportunity for our youth to not only enhance their personal development but also to contribute meaningfully to the well-being and security of our nation. It is a testament to our collective commitment to building a brighter future for Bhutan in the 21st century. Let us continue to support and encourage our youth as they embark on this transformative journey, instilling in them the sense of responsibility that is at the heart of our nation’s progress.