KP Sharma

For 2024 intake, those wishing to pursue college or vocational education have been granted exemption from the mandatory year-long Gyalsung training programme, according to the Gyalsung office.

Otherwise, the law requires all Bhutanese of 18 years of age in the country and abroad, or who completed grade 12, to undergo Gyalsung training starting 2024 onwards. 

However, the exemption was being granted as a one-time measure and applicable to Gyalsung 2024 intake only. To be eligible for exemption, applicants are required to register on the national service portal and submit the request including details of studies being undertaken. 

The application process for exemption began in October 2023 and will continue until April 2024. 

The Chairperson of the National Service Core Working Group (NSCWG), Dasho Karma Tshiteem, said that the exemption was a one-time measure and was applicable to the inaugural Gyalsung batch of 2024 only.

In addition, individuals enrolled in monastic schools or listed as monks/nuns/purohits in institutions recognised by the Choede Lhentshog and Dratshang Lhuentshog, as well as those deemed medically unfit by the medical board, may be eligible for exemption from Gyalsung 2024 training but has to follow the due procedures.

But starting 2025 onwards, such exemptions would no longer be granted and all eligible youth would be required to undergo Gyalsung training before proceeding with their further studies.

“For those exempted from Gyalsung in 2024, joining Desuung is an option but not compulsory,” said Karma Tshiteem. 

As per the Gyalsung office, the Gyalsung training duration for the year 2024 will be four and a half months, however, from 2025 onwards it would be a 11-months training programme. 

The inaugural Gyalsung training for the year 2024 is scheduled to commence from September 1 and conclude on 15 January 2025, accordingly, the Gyalsung headquarters has issued a notification stating that the designated group must fulfill the registration requirements by February 15. 

As a result of the shorter training period in 2024, the Gyalsung Training will not include the six-month-long skilling components, and would be introduced from Gyalsung Training 2025 onwards. 

For the inaugural Gyalsung batch in 2024, the training program will consist of three months of basic military training and one and a half months dedicated to national education, life skills and the development of teamwork and leadership skills.

Also, from 2025 onwards the Gyalsung training would be held from March 1 and conclude on January 31 of the following year.

Detailed information about Gyalsung or Gyalsung 2024 are available on the Gyalsung website or for further clarifications, individuals can contact the Gyalsung call center 2024.