Update: Should funds come as anticipated, the Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Haa, which was gutted recently, will be rebuilt in about four months’ time.

Inspection by the engineers found that the foundation and some parts of wall are still stable.

The dzongkhags health officer (DHO), Samten, said that the major reconstruction works are required for roofing and flooring. A budget of about Nu 6 million has been proposed to the ministry.

According to the inventory, the BHU lost equipment worth Nu 2.7 million.

The BHU started providing health services five days after the disastrous March 18 fire.

Samten said that major laboratory equipment, including ultrasound machine, was saved from the fire. The volunteers and firefighters were able to stop the fire spreading to the store where medicines were stored.

“As soon as we put the requisition to the ministry, we received a truckload of supplies,” he said.

Samten said four staff quarters have been vacated where four-bedded ward has been set up. The BHU had 10 beds.  “Even then, we rarely encountered an occasion where all the 10 beds were occupied. We are confortable and we have not faced any major challenge as of now.”

The BHU staff who vacated their quarter have temporarily put up in the guesthouse. Some managed to find an apartment.

Samten said that it would take another two years for the new hospital to come up and the option is to restore the BHU soon. He said the BHU on an average caters to about 65 patients everyday. Since the BHU resumed its services, it has received almost the same number of patients.

With the help of dzongkhag officials and the people of Katsho and Eusu, the debris was cleared within two days.

“This has helped us resume our services without much delay,” said Samten.

Tshering Dorji