Chhimi Dema | Haa

Dago Tsheringla, a former school principal, won the election for National Council (NC) seat from Haa.

Dago Tsheringla secured 2,690 votes from six gewogs, beating the incumbent NC member Ugyen Namgay by 589 votes.

Haa had 8,447 eligible voters and the voter turnout was 56.7 percent.

Dago Tsheringla secured 2,054 electronic voting machine (EVM) and 636 postal ballots (PB) votes.

Ugyen Namgay secured 1,440 EVM and 661 PB votes.

In his victory speech, Tsheringla promised to serve the country and people with dedication, work towards addressing youth issues and economic development, and keep in mind the changes happening in the country.

Tashi Namgay, a voter, said that he voted for the candidate he thought would represent them best. “Some candidates make promises before the election but they do not even receive our calls later.”

Despite the Election Commission of Bhutan’s caution, many Haa voters had brought their smartphones and other prohibited articles to the polling stations.

Polling officials faced difficulties in working online and connecting with each other due to erratic power supply in Haa.