Chhimi Dema 

Haa National Council (NC) debate yesterday centred around creating legal awareness to the public, and reviewing legislation based on existing scenarios.

Candidate Dago Tsheringla, 45, said that he would conduct public consultation on the bills that would be discussed during the Parliament, and visit the dzongkhag to inform people about the changes in legislation.

“I’ll ensure that development activities are carried out timely and give my support,” the former school principal said.

Dago Tsheringla said that if he gets to serve as the NC member of Haa, he would mediate or help people who are impacted by the changes in legislation. “I would bring renewed focus on promoting Haa’s tourism, and work to maintain the current environment and use it sustainably.”

Dago Tsheringla pledged to work towards helping the youth and resolve unemployment issues, take people’s aspirations to the government, and support the implementation of the 13th Plan.

He served as the principal of Jampel HSS and Drujeygang HSS and served for 18 years in the education sector. He has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from India.

The incumbent NC member of Haa, Ugyen Namgay, 39, said that based on his experience, he realised that there are many laws in the country some of which were never implemented and are outdated today.

He added that some laws have no focus that makes it difficult to review and creates inconvenience for people. “I pledge to develop quality legislation by reviewing them to see if they deem amendment or repeal.”

Ugyen Namgay pledged that, as a member of parliament responsible to review the legislation and policies, he would strive to review legalisation to benefit the people.

“I would strengthen the monitoring responsibilities of parliament by collaborating with relevant organisation and agencies,” he said.

Ugyen Namgay resigned as a senior analyst from the Office of His Majesty’s Secretariat in 2018 to contest in the NC elections.

He has a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a specialisation in development policy from the Australian National University, and an international diploma in education planning and administration from the National University of Education Planning and Administration, New Delhi.

Both candidates were nominated through “Yes” or “No” vote from their respective gewogs.