Dratshang requests devotees to refrain from visiting Dodena until the completion of Thukdam

Rinzin Wangchuk

His Holiness the 68th Je Khenpo, Tenzin Doendrup, passed away peacefully at his residence in Dodena, Thimphu on the auspicious 15th day of the second month of the Male Iron Rat Year. However, he entered the state of parinirvana or in the meditation posture.

His Holiness, fondly known as Je Thrizur was 95 years old.

Before he passed away, His Holiness returned from his winter residence in Rinchending, Phuentsholing to his summer residence in Dodena at the base of Cheri monastery on April 6.  “We were told that His Holiness was in normal health condition and had dinner without any problem on the night of April 8,” secretary general of the Central Monk Body, Lam Yeshey told Kuensel.

Yesterday, Zhung Dratshang’s Dorji Lopon Kinley notified all the dratshangs and religious institutions, including closest followers and disciples of Je Thrizur, across the country to conduct ritual ceremonies dedicated to late Je Thrizur from their own institutions.

The Dorji Lopon also advised all the followers and devotees to refrain from visiting the place and pay their last respect to His Holiness until the completion of Thukdam (meditation) is announced.

Known as one of the most learned Drukpa Kagyud Buddhist masters, His Holiness Je Thrizur was awarded with the Order of the Druk Gyalpo, highest honour, by His Majesty The King on November 15, 2008 for devoting his life for the propagation of the Buddha dharma and serving the country and central monk body with utmost loyalty and dedication.   

Born in 1925 in Shar Fadingkha, Wangduephodrang, Je Thrizur became the 68th Je Khenpo on April 12, 1986, and retired in 1990 to become the patron of the Tango and Cheri Buddhist Shedra.

His Holiness Tenzin Doendrup started Buddhist studies at the age of seven.  After completing basic monastic tutelage at the Punakha Dratshang, he went to study at the Tharpaling monastery in Bumthang and studied under the able guidance of Shudab Tempa Rinchen, Choeda Lam and Ngawang Thinley.

He then pursued higher spiritual quest in Tibet, reaching the highest practices of the Drukpa Kayjud lineage.  While in Minduling Dratshang, he studied various aspects of religious manuscripts and calligraphies under Lam Kathokpa, and met various Lamas.

At the age of 27 he returned from Tibet, and in 1966 he was appointed the head of Tango Monastery by the 64th Je Khenpo Yeshey Singye and Her Royal Grand Mother Phuntsho Chhoden.

His Holiness was the first lopon (master) of the newly instituted drubdey at Tango in 1967, and became Dorji Lopon of the Central Monk Body in 1985.

His Holiness entered into meditation practices at sacred sites such as Shar Yuelagang, Kubo Drag at Gangtoe, and Boed Langdra to further his spiritual development and received teachings from the greatest masters of the century.

After completing advanced practices of the Vajrayana Buddhist traditions, His Holiness received the wholesome ordination of the Drukpa Kagyud Dam Nga (the highest ecclesiastic ordination of the Drukpa Kagyud lineage) from Lam Tenzin Jamtsho.

Under the command of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Holiness brought about major reforms in the Zhung Dratshang, strengthening and consolidating the institution and instituted the first Buddhist shedra (higher learning college) at Tango and Cheri in Thimphu.

The followers and disciples, including His Holiness the present Je Khenpo, Trulku Jigme Choedra, remember His Holiness the late Je Thrizur as a spiritual icon for all Bhutanese and many Buddhists around the world.