His Majesty The King visited Lunana yesterday morning, and granted Lagthram to the 191 households who are receiving Land Kidu in Goenshari, Punakha.

Traditionally, the people of Lunana migrate south with their animals during the winter months, when it gets too difficult to eke out a living in the extremely harsh climate of Lunana. They live in tents or find rented accommodation in Wangdue and Punakha, allowing their animals to graze while they trade and collect rations to take back in spring.

His Majesty The King granted Khimsa Land Kidu to people of Lunana in Goenshari, to ensure that they have safe and comfortable winter homes when they travel south. The Land Kidu for building homes was granted in 2019, after which road and power connections were established. A De-Suung National Service Water Project team recently completed work to bring water to the site.

“Increasingly, it had become difficult to find a place to stay, and for our animals to graze when we are in the south. His Majesty granted Khimsa land to all the households of Lunana so that we can continue our traditional way of life moving between Lunana and the south without having to worry about where we would live in winter. “The people of Lunana are looking forward to start building our winter homes in the land granted by His Majesty this year,” said Lunana Gup Kaka.

His Majesty granted tokha to the people of Lunana in Toenchoe, and spoke to them about their experiences with the pandemic and the vaccination programme. His Majesty also offered prayers at the Pelden Lhamoi Lhakhang.