His Majesty The King granted dhar to appoint the new Ambassadors to New York and Brussels, the new Haa Dzongdag, Lhuentse Dzongdag, and Zhemgang Dzongdag, and granted promotion to 27 officers from the Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Body Guards, and Royal Bhutan Police yesterday.

Pema L Dorji, who was serving as the Director General of the Department of Immigration, has been appointed the Permanent Representative of Bhutan to the United Nations (New York).

Tshoki Choden, Director of the Department of Bilateral Affairs, is the new Ambassador of Bhutan in Brussels. 

Melam Zangpo, who was serving as the officiating Dzongdag of Haa was appointed the Haa Dzongdag. Kesang Jigme, who was serving as Chief of Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, is the new Zhemgang Dzongdag, and Jigme Choden, who was serving as Chief Integrity Officer of the Asset Declaration Management Division of the Anti Corruption Commission is the new Lhuntshe Dzongdag. 

Eighteen officers of the Royal Bhutan Army, three officers of the Royal Body Guards, and six officers of the Royal Bhutan Police were promoted from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to the rank of Colonel. 

L-R: Ambassador Tshoki Choden and Ambassador Pema L Dorji


L-R: Zhemgang Dzongdag Kesang Jigme, Lhuentse Dzongdag Jigme Choden, and Haa Dzongdag Melam Zangpo