Kidu: The residents of Trong village in Zhemgang, which has been preserved as a heritage village due to its unusual traditional architecture, received Khimsa land as Kidu from His Majesty The King. The 27 households received nine-decimals of land each around the Zhemgang throm.

His Majesty visited Trong, which is located in the heart of Zhemgang town, in September 2014, and met with the people living there. With some of the houses over hundred years old and clustered close to each other with cobbled footpaths in between, the unique village retains a medieval charm and has been recognised as a special place to be preserved.

During the Royal Visit, His Majesty Commanded that the villagers who have agreed to preserve their traditional homes in order for the village to retain its traditional beauty would be granted land around Zhemgang so that they are able to enjoy the benefits of development.

The plots were identified and allocated in accordance to His Majesty’s Command and the Kidu delivered to the people by the Zhemgang dzongdag yesterday.