Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Trekkers and travellers on the old route from View Point  to Trongsa will get the opportunity to use the new bazam. The traditional cantilever bridge over Mangdechhu has now been renovated.

The construction of the bridge began in March and took more than three months to complete.

The renovation work was executed by Ap Chimi Duba from Simphu.

The 65-year-old carpenter said that the route was very important for the people travelling through Trongsa to other regions. “ And it is important to preserve the traditional structures.”

He initiated the renovation of the same bridge 15 years ago as the head carpenter.

Trongsa Dzongdag Tenzin Dorji said that bazam had a historical significance. It was the gateway to western, eastern and southern Bhutan before the construction of the east-west highway

Before the advent of the national highway, this route connected the people from east to west.

The revival of the traditional trail is expected to enhance Tourism in the dzongkhag.

The bridge was washed away in 2006 and was reconstructed by the people of Mangdetshozhi.

The Trongsa dzongkhag administration has included the renovation of the bridge in the tourism development programme along with the revival of other trails.