It is heartening that Project DANTAK and IMTRAT have agreed to streamline non-uniform labourers in accordance with the labour and immigration laws. This is a good example set by these two agencies to both internal and external agencies in the country that the rule of law must be followed and implemented without exceptions.

As highlighted in our June 12 editorial “Illegal immigration, a national concern”, following the issue raised by the National Council, the issue would have huge repercussions on the country’s sovereignty and security if left unattended.

We thank the National Council and its legislative committee for bringing this important issue to the fore. The Government, relevant departments, and the other agencies involved deserve our appreciation for addressing the issue without much delay.

These are strong indications of democracy taking firm root in our country.

Our Druk Gyalpo has always reminded the nation that the rule of law is the foundation for our democracy to succeed. Therefore, every law enacted by Parliament must be implemented with due diligence and if there are major issues, the government and Parliament may need to address them on a priority basis.

It’s also not healthy in the event the implementing agencies take ad hoc decisions when the law clearly specifies otherwise. For example, if the law specifies a clause of authority with “in accordance with rules and regulations”, then there maybe a need to have rules and regulations formally adopted first before enforcement of the provision.

Fundamentally, laws are there to change human behaviour to maintain peace, resolve issues, protect them from harm, provide goods and services or promote values. Therefore, their implementation is of paramount importance to Bhutanese society.

Our Druk Gyalpo in His address to the National Graduates Orientation Programme (NGOP) 2007 said: “If, every single day, every Bhutanese respects our culture and traditions and our environment, if we uphold the law, if we safeguard everything that is important to Bhutan and to our future generations, if we do our jobs to the best of our abilities, then we will always continue to build a strong nation in consonance with our aspirations, unique to our own way of life.”