Eviction: Mongar Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) low-income employees who were asked to vacate their government quarters by last month, have not been able to find new homes.
They were required to vacate their government quarters by August 31.
They were notified by the hospital on  July 22. A finance ministry notification stated that the quarters they reside in, rent free, are in dilapidated conditions and unfit for safe accommodation, requiring it to be demolished.
There are 14 MRRH employees who are affected by the notification.
One of them, Sonam Lhamo, 29, a ward girl at the MRRH said she has asked the hospital for a few months more to reside at the quarters. Sonam Lhamo, who also has a daughter that attends class II, said it has been more than 10 years since she has lived at the quarters after the hospital administration asked her to stay there.
Prior to moving in, she said that she spent more than Nu 10,000 on repairing the walls and other maintenance works.
“If I have to live further away, I will have to walk in the dark when it is dangerous and it will be difficult with my daughter having to attend school,” she said. “This is a bad time.”
Another ward girl Tashi Chezom said that if the hospital’s administration looked for accommodation and deducted the rent from their salaries it would solve a lot of problems.
Tashi Tshering, 34, who is a cook at the hospital said that while grateful that they have been able to live in the quarters for more that 10 years, it would be a great help if an extension of a few more months could be provided as they had school-going children.
He added that the employees would also be grateful if the administration allow them to take the electric wires, metre boxes, and other material installed at their own expense.
Medical Superintendent Dr Sonam Jamtsho, said that there are also people living in sheds constructed by themselves within the hospital’s boundary. He added that the hospital will require them to vacate the sheds soon.
By Tashi Phuntsho