Lhakpa Quendren

Gelephu — Votes from their respective villages or neighbouring gewogs mostly helped the two People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates from Gelephu and Shompangkha constituencies win the general elections of the fourth National Assembly.

Going by the polling station-wise votes, candidates from both the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) have secured victory in the polling stations within their villages and nearby areas.

Of the 22 polling stations in Gelephu constituency, PDP’s Harka Singh Tamang won 12. He resides in Gelephu throm, and his success spanned across Gelephu Thromde, Gelephu gewog, and Samtenling polling stations. Jigmechholing voters also favoured him.

Karma Rinchen of BTP won all polling stations in the gewogs on the other side of Mauchhu, showcasing strong support from voters in his gewog and nearby areas, including Chhuzanggang, Umling, Serzhong, and Tareythang.

However, he won from a polling station at Dechen Pelri (Edi), a Kheng community, under Gelephu gewog. Karma Rinchen secured a higher number of postal ballots leading with 185 votes.

In Shompangkha, PDP’s Dr Tek Bahadur Rai, from Getemkha in Gakiling gewog, won in 20 out of 21 polling stations. Additionally, he secured a higher number of postal ballots compared to his opponent.

BTP’s Lachuman Ghalley secured victory only from his village of Chhoekhorling in Dekiling gewog. He secured 441 votes in this polling station, which recorded the highest voter turnout of 747 under the Shompangkha constituency.

Voters claim that candidates secured their seats because of the party president, as constituents aim to elect a Prime Minister close to their constituency.

“It is evident that voters have chosen the party president in their region,” a voter from Gelephu said.  “This is due to the advantages associated with the ruling party and the Prime Minister.”

Another voter said that the impact of the party president contributed to the astounding victory for the party in the west, central, and south regions. “The party’s slogan ‘For a better Drukyul, a promise we will deliver’ also played a crucial role in garnering support for the candidates.”

A voter, who supported PDP’s Dr Tek Bahadur Rai in Shompangkha, said that he voted for the experience. “Considering the party’s experience in both government and opposition roles, I believe they would perform better in these challenging times.”

“There is no doubt that the people voted for the right leader, right party and supported the right candidates,” said a PDP supporter. “The next five years would require an experienced government. They must deliver what they promised, and I’m confident that they will keep their promises.”