Thousands of devotees are taking part in the Ngagyur Nyingmai Gyuebum oral transmission by Sangay Nyenpa Rinpoche at Tharpaling monastery in Bumthang.

The transmission is conducted in a chapel constructed below Tharpaling Lhakhang. There are some 800 monks and nuns, including those from monasteries in India and Nepal, taking part in the event besides devotees from across the country.

As the monastery has not been able to accommodate all, many are living in tents on the monastery’s premises.

Tharpaling Shedra’s principal, Khenpo Karma Leki said the Ngagyur Nyingmai Gyuebum is a sacred oral transmission that cannot be obtained easily since not many lamas conduct it.

He said this is the third time the oral transmission is being conducted in the country. The fourth Lama of Tharpaling monastery, Lam Ugyen Tenzin Yoesel, who was also called Lam Nado, conducted the first such transmission at Kurje in 1956. His Holiness the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche conducted the second one at Satsham Choeten in 1977.

The oral transmission that started on April 1 is scheduled to conclude in 21 days. There are 46 volumes of Ngagyur Nyingmai Gyuebum, of which most of them consist of some 400 to 500 pages. Tharpaling monastery is organising the event.

Khenpo Karma Leki said the oral transmission is conducted in Tharpaling because Kuenkhen Longchen Rabjam established teaching of Ngagyur Dzogpachenpo (earlier translations of the teaching of great completion) here for the first time in the country. “He also conducted a sermon of the teaching of great accomplishment here,” the khenpo said.

The khenpo added that the Dratshang had planned to organise all activities but that the opportunity to host lunch and tea will be outsourced to those interested.

He said devotees can come to take part in the oral transmission at anytime but should try to stay for the entire duration if possible.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang