RUB: It was an unusually busy Zhabdrung kuchoe day for the first year students of the Institute of Language and Culture Studies in Taktse, Trongsa.

If the day was auspicious, the students spent the day meaningfully and raised Nu 125,000 for the Nepal earthquake victims.

But the students didn’t just go around asking for money.  Calling themselves ILCS4Nepal, the students stopped and washed cars, cooked and sold food.  They also screened a disaster horror film, Aftershock, directed by Nichlos Lopez.

The institute’s home science group baked bread and other fast food items, knowing that they would sell and raise money quickly.  Students said people were kind to donate, while many bought their food knowing that it was for a cause. “We thought we had to do something when our brothers and sisters in Nepal are suffering,” said a group leader, Sonam Dema, 21.

Another student Tashi Tshomo said the idea of the movie was very relevant to remind people of natural disasters. “We wanted to raise awareness and collect some money for Nepal,” she said.

The college director, Lungtaen Gyatso, said students had understood the suffering of people in Nepal. “Being Buddhist and students of culture studies, they felt and understood the value of giving and helping,” he said.

The director said the money that the ILCS family collected would soon be sent to the office of the vice chancellor in Thimphu.

One of the shopkeepers in Trongsa, who made a contribution, said she was happy that at least she could contribute for the earthquake victims in Nepal because of such a good initiative from the ILCS family.

“If there was no such initiative, we don’t know where to go and help the victim,” she said.

Contributed by  Dechen Tshering

Former Kuensel Reporter