KP Sharma

To improve the effectiveness of policing services through enhanced coordination and curb criminal activities in the country, a police team headed by Colonel Passang Dorji recently visited seven western dzongkhags.

The initiative is expected to prevent and reduce the increasing crime rate observed over the years.

Records with the police show that the crime rates in the country have been increasing—1,051 individuals arrested in 2020, 737 in 2021, 1,557 in 2022, and 1,511 within the first six months of 2023. 

During the visit, the team met the field officials and discussed their plans and ways to address the challenges they encounter while executing their duties.

Colonel Passang Dorji said that the campaign would be executed in phases with the first phase already covering dzongkhags such as Dagana, Haa, Gasa, Paro, Tsirang, and Thimphu.

He said that the team received detailed briefings from the officers of various divisions about their on-ground responsibilities, and in turn, the team provided the officials with briefings on strategies to address crime and potential solutions to overcome it. “Our top priority is to focus on preventing criminal activities among people.”

The team reviewed the detailed records maintained by the division offices, such as the total number of reported crime cases, dropped cases, and pending cases among others. “A higher number of recorded cases in the division indicate the officials have done an outstanding job,” Passang Dorji added.

The second phase of the campaign would include the southern dzongkhags once the weather improves, likely towards the end of the monsoon season.

According to the police records, there has been a yearly rise in the number of crime-related arrests in the country.

Colonel Passang Dorji said that the crime rate has increased as the police are making every effort to curb crime by bolstering the surveillance system and increasing vigilance.

The police attribute the improved surveillance to strict patrols and the establishment of an integrated Check Post Management System along the highways.