Dechen Dolkar

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) is optimistic about securing votes from Mongar’s Thangrong, Saling, and Drepoong gewogs in the upcoming general elections.

Expressing gratitude to supporters from other political parties, BTP’s president acknowledged their backing for the party.

During a recent campaign in Thangrong, the party committed to the upkeep of the 28-kilometre farm road from Drepoong to Thangrong. Currently, this road is in poor condition, lacking a complete road base.

Voters at the meeting highlighted that while travelling from Yadi to Mongar town and dzong for official work, covering a distance exceeding 60 kilometres which is taking almost two hours.

Improving the farm road from Thangrong to Drepoong was emphasised by voters as a solution to reduce travel time to approximately one hour. They pointed out the road’s narrowness and frequent blockages during the summer as major problems facing the people.

Furthermore, the president pledged to construct the primary highway from Sherichhu to Kurigongri, benefitting residents of seven gewogs in the Dremadetse-Ngatshang constituency. This initiative is aimed at significantly shortening travel durations, eliminating the need for Thangrong residents to travel to Mongar town and Gyalpoising to reach Ngaglam.

In addressing the issue of school closures due to low student enrollment, the president pledged to establish boarding schools in villages. This move is intended to ensure that teachers can provide quality education and care even with fewer students.

Boarding facilities in villages are expected to facilitate easier visits for parents with sick children. Additionally, the president highlighted the commitment to providing nutritious food for students, enhancing their learning and overall growth.

BTP’s broader commitment includes improving, upgrading, and blacktopping chiwog and gewog roads, handing them over to the Department of Roads. The party also plans to make farm and access roads more pliable and construct new ones where necessary, including construction and upgradation of highways and dzongkhag roads as per the region’s needs.

The president then engaged with the people of Saling and Drepong during meetings on Wednesday.