Minimum disruption to the environment is ensured 

Road: The government of India has approved the widening of the Chuzom-Haa highway, at a cost of Nu 2.6 billion.

Work is scheduled to begin soon and the widening of the highway is expected to be completed by June 2018.

The widening work will be carried out at a cost of Nu 2.6 billion, according to a press release issued by DANTAK.

After months of sustained efforts and the perseverance of Brigadier PKG Mishra, the Chief Engineer for DANTAK, the Indian government has sanctioned the up-gradation of the Chuzom- Haa road, according to a press release issued by DANTAK. The Indian government has committed around Nu 2.6 billion for the double laning of the road.

Chief Engineer, Brigadier PKG Mishra said the project will ensure comprehensive development of the Haa region. He added the improvement of the Chuzom–Haa road is a key part of DANTAK’s road up-gradation plan and will bring major economic development and positive changes to the country.

The project is expected to have a significant socio-economic impact especially be allowing enhancing the link between agriculture produce and markets.

The double laning of the Chuzom-Haa highway, along with the construction of the Damchu-Haa link road will reduce the distance between Phuentsholing and Haa by approximately 45km and travel time by more than two hours.

DANTAK plans to execute 50.9km of the Chuzom-Haa road in three stretches with minimum disruption to the environment.

The link road from Damchu will connect with the Chuzom-Haa highway at a point called KM 28 from where the up-gradation work will commence.

The work on the first stretch (from the Haa side) from KM 79 to KM 58 will commence in next financial year and the remaining two stretches: KM 58 to KM 24 and KM 24 to KM 28 will start subsequently.

The construction of road would eventually will allow an unimpeded drive from Phuentsholing through the Damchu-Chukha realignment, potentially all the way to Haa valley.

Tenzin Namgyel