Education: Sherabgatshel Lower Secondary School (SLSS) in Bara, Samtse is facing a shortage of classrooms.

The school has close to 600 students and 20 sections.  There are only 18 classrooms, however.

A hostel that was constructed recently is instead being used to hold classes as a temporary measure.  The hostel was constructed with a Nu 1.3M (million) fund from the Gewog Development Grant (GDG).

Some of the classes have more than 50 students.  A teacher said that it is difficult to give attention to the needs of individual students.

Teachers and parents are collecting funds to repair an old structure that is not in use to turn it into classrooms.  An earthquake in 2011 damaged many structures in the school.

One of the reasons the school is facing classroom shortage is because of delayed construction of the science laboratory.  The school is currently using one of the classrooms as a temporary science laboratory.

Built in 1965, the school’s more than 100 students live  in makeshift structures today . The structures were constructed by parents whose children attend the school.

Jigme Dorji, a class VIII student, lives in a makeshift hut with his four siblings.  They have just one bed.

Chimi Wangmo, 17, also a class VIII student, also lives in a hut with her four siblings.

By Rajesh Rai, Samtse