Crane: A juvenile black-necked crane was found wounded below the gewog office in Phobjikha, Wangdue last week.

The juvenile crane was discovered at about 2pm on January 6. The gewog’s livestock officer has been taking care of the crane at crane’s visitor centre.

A wound has rendered cranes right wing completely immovable. A deep cut was also found on the neck of the crane. RSPN officials say that the juvenile could have been bitten by a stray dog.

Officials found an adult crane injured in the same place last year. The crane was later treated and released.

Officials said it is rare to spot injured cranes in Phobjikha, the place that witnesses highest number of black-necked cranes in the country.

The centre’s manager, Santa Lal Gajmer, said that around 416 cranes came to Phobjikha this year, of which, 47 were juveniles. Final counting is yet to be carried out.

The first batch of 13 cranes – 11 adult and two juveniles landed in Phobjikha on November 6.