Several Bhutan Telecom subscribers have claimed that they are being charged for data usage even when not using the company’s mobile data service.

Many have taken to social media to ask the telco why this is happening, and have also shared screen shots as evidence.

Many have also been irked by a requirement of having at least Nu 15 in credit to be able to use B-mobile data services.

These issues began surfacing after a July 20 maintenance carried out by the company.

The company has responded and attributed the deductions to software and mobile applications being automatically updated on user devices.

There are other claims being made by customers that are being refuted by the company.

In such times it is important that a concerned agency, like the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority or the information and communications ministry intervenes.

The company’s arguments in response to the claims are solid. If data is used, you’re charged. The new deduction system is not new neither is the Nu 15 requirement, the company says.

However, the complaints began emerging after a July 20 maintenance and several have aired their grievances in public.

Therefore, it is important that a third and independent agency sets the record straight.

The telcos, especially Bhutan Telecom is already under the government’s microscope for the quality of its services. If it has done no wrong, the public should know. The company’s name should be cleared and the public should be educated on how to prevent their data being used up by software and mobile apps constantly looking to update themselves without the awareness of the owner.

But if the public is right and they are being charged for data they are not using then money requires to be refunded and the company needs to be held accountable. All the small amounts being deducted could add up to a significant sum.

This is a serious issue that should be addressed rather than ignored.