Dechen Dolkar

In an effort to bolster tourism in Bhutan, Intrepid, an esteemed international tour company, has undertaken training initiatives for local guides, with a focus on responsible travel and safety protocols.

The primary objective of this initiative is to elevate service standards and cultivate stronger connections between tourists and the local community.

Collaborating closely with Amen Bhutan Tours and Trek, the training program has successfully equipped a total of 15 guides with essential skills.

Ashish Verma, general manager of Intrepid Nepal, underscored the company’s vision to position Bhutan as a premier tourist destination. 

He emphasised the importance of crafting unique experiences for Intrepid’s guests, thereby distinguishing the guides from conventional ones.

Verma highlighted safety as a paramount concern, stressing the need for guides to be well-versed in safety protocols. This includes ensuring that guests utilise vehicles equipped with seat belts and encouraging their usage.

He expressed a desire to redefine travellers’ perceptions through the guidance of these ambassadors, emphasising Intrepid’s commitment to small group tours and supporting local communities through the exclusive promotion of local products and services.

Officials from Amen Bhutan Tours and Trek echoed these sentiments, stating that additional training sessions aim to enhance knowledge and provide seamless, experiential services to guests. 

They emphasised the importance of responsible conduct by guides in guest interactions.

A tour guide, Sangay Dubjur, commended the effectiveness of the current training, noting its alignment with international standards. He affirmed the guides’ dedication to continuously improving their services.

Both Intrepid and Amen Bhutan Tours have instituted rigorous assessment procedures to ensure that guides meet the requisite standards for serving Intrepid guests.

This collaborative endeavour endeavors to elevate the tourism landscape in Bhutan, promoting responsible travel practices and delivering seamless experiences for visitors.