Update: Police are investigating the repeated burglary case, where a building under construction in Dharina, Dechencholing was robbed off electrical wires and miniature circuit breakers (MCB) worth over Nu 500,000 last week.

According to the building owner, Karma Jimba, the first break-in occurred on January 14, followed by another on the night of January 16, and a third one on the afternoon of January 17.

Following the first break-in, the owner called police, who investigated the crime scene.  The thieves had broken all the doors and windows of the first and second floors.  Besides stealing wires and MCBs, they had also damaged switches and electrical sockets.

On January 17, the thieves had also scrawled the words, “I will kill you” on a wall.

Police said they received the complaint on January 16 around 11am.

According to police, the investigation team had questioned neighbours if they had seen any miscreants entering the building.  Police have also visited all scrap dealers in Thimphu to find out if anyone had come to them bringing electrical scrap.

“We asked scrap dealers to cooperate with us and should they fail to report to us, their scrap license could be cancelled,” a police official said.

Police said the building owner didn’t suspect anyone.  People with criminal record from Dharina and Dechencholing area are also being investigated.

It is not known when the burglary occurred, as no one was in the building when the incident took place.  The labourers were sent home, while the painter was also on leave, when the incident occurred.

Police said the owner had asked a nun, who lives near the building, to check on the building frequently.  The nun told police that she last visited the building on January 13 and found everything in place.  Therefore, police suspect that the burglary could have happened on the night of January 13.

Police said they are doing their best to nab the culprits.


By Dechen Tshomo