.. court orders the institute to pay within six months

Thinley Namgay

Thimphu Dzongkhag Court recently ordered the Institute of Professional Management Studies (IPMS) based in Thimphu to refund more than Nu 4 million to 49 clients after their Australian visa applications processed by the institute were rejected. 

The institute is given six months to pay them. 

Since December last year, applicants have accused the institute of refusing to refund their medical insurance and tuition fees.    

Following the continuous deferral of their claims, 49 clients of the 114 filed a case at Thimphu court last month requesting the court to investigate whether their money was used efficiently, and ensure the refund.  

The court accepted the desire of the parties to pursue a negotiated settlement on the condition that the owner should refund the entire amount to the clients within six months. 

IPMS has to pay Nu 72,000 each to 49 clients, and an additional tuition fee of Nu 700,815 to one of the clients. Regarding the Nu 700,815 to one of the clients, the company should refund 50 percent in the first three months, and the remaining 50 percent in the next three months. 

Considering the fluctuating foreign exchange rates and a 10 percent deduction in service charges, the claim amount was settled to Nu 72,000 from the initial claim of Nu 86,000 by each client.  

The remaining clients are in the process of discussing with the company. 

One of the clients said that he got interested in IPMS for his Australian dream as the applicants don’t have to do the IELTS test. “At IPMS, we just did Duolingo English Test, which is much easier compared to IELTS.”    

“However, following the lifting of Covid-19 in Australia, I could sense that the Duolingo English Test became invalid. Following the submission of all the documents, I received an email from Australia saying that an IELTS certificate is required,” he said, adding that it made him worried so much as all the money invested was borrowed from banks and relatives. 

He said that IPMS had told him that they would repay soon.