Jachungs have been so far unstoppable at the coronation cup this year. On the tenth day of the tournament yesterday, Jachungs defeated Jumpers.

Jumpers proved a tough match for Jachungs that enjoyed strength and height advantage. Jumpers’ fast-paced crossovers gave them a five-point lead before half time. Jachung was at 21.

However, Jachungs came back with speed and energy. By the last quarter of the game, Jachung hit 60 against Jumpers’ 49. That was to be the final scores of the match.

Later, in the second game of the day, Wolf Pack gave Pazaps a difficult win. Wolf dominated the game till the end of last quarter and kept Pazaps confused and frustrated. However, Pazaps snatched a win with some clean free shots. The game ended in favor of Pazaps 70-63.

The third game of the day was played between Paro hoopers and Fire; Paro hoopers won the game 54-48.

Coronation Cup is the most popular basketball tournament in the country.

A total of 46 teams are taking part in the tournament.

Staff reporter