Cybercrime: High Court Drangpon Lungten Dubgyur spoke on cybercrime, its scope, jurisdiction and challenges at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) yesterday.

Drangpon Lungten Dubgyur said that cybercrime is an emerging area in law, social interaction, and governance today.

“Cybercrime is a crime where a computer becomes the object or subject of a crime through planting viruses or hacking of passwords among others,” he said. “When a cybercrime is committed, one’s privacy is attacked and on a larger scale a country’s national security is also at risk,” he added. “But there are ways to deal with this complicated issue by tracking the electronic devices, webhost, Wi-Fi and mobile number although there is no direct way to catch a criminal that has committed the crime.”

The drangpon pointed out that laws in Bhutan are strong and that while no one should be “scared” of using the Internet, it should be used responsibly. “Recently, the Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team was established to respond to all online activities to make Bhutanese feel safe online but there should be ethical norms and morality as an individual when one is online.”

The session was a part of the Royal Thimphu College’s distinguished guest lecture series.

Thinley Zangmo