Chimi Dema | Dagana

With the implementation of the seventh Desuung National Service water project in Kana, Dagana, more than 1,000 residents of two chiwogs of Khagochen-Dalithang and Pungshi will have a reliable supply of drinking water soon.

The Nu 5.8 million worth project will construct two intake structures, water transmission lines, reservoirs, taps and distribution pipelines.

It is expected to benefit residents of more than 150 households.

The water source is at Lunachu, located about 11km from nearest road head in Khagochen.

Additional desuups would be deployed soon

Kana gup, Lhawang Dorji, said that, besides the two chiwogs, the project would also supply drinking water to a school and grade I BHU in Dalithang.

He said that there were multiple disputes amongst residents due to water shortage in the past where the gewog administration had to intervene. “Without water, people couldn’t also maintain proper hygiene and sanitation.”

The gewog mangmi, Sangay, said that an increasing number of households over the recent years had added pressure on the water source. “Spring water sources dried up due to changing climate, causing acute water shortage in the locality.”

He also said that, although the gewog administration had appropriated budget every year to maintain water sources and pipelines, the shortage still existed. “I’m hopeful that this new project will address the current water shortage in the gewog.”

Meanwhile, 48 desuups, along with engineers and experts from the works and human settlements ministry and soldiers, are implementing the project.

Officials said additional desuups would be deployed soon.

Inaugurating the project, Dagana Dzongdag Duba highlighted that it was important for the dzongkhag desuup coordinator to plan and involve local desuups during weekends in order to expedite the work progress.

He also advised gewog administration and villagers to render support to the desuups if needed.

The water supply project would be completed in three months.

Once completed, it would be handed over to the gewog for ownership, operation and maintenance.

The Desuung National Service water project will launch three projects in Decheling gewog in Pemagatshel, Samtengang Central School in Wangdue, and Taraythang in Sarpang within this month.  Four more projects, including one irrigation water project, are expected to begin in April.

The Water Project in Kana is a collaboration of Desuung, Armed Forces, and the government.