Chhimi Dema

Winter coaching camps have been initiated in the capital to keep youth engaged.

Activities include boxing, culinary arts, yoga, and athletics.

Changjiji Youth Centre organised a youth engagement programme where 36 children are participating. There are 10 youth facilitators.

The programme begins with reading for an hour, writing, games and sports, and 3D printing and designing.

Changjiji Youth Centre engages 10 youth and 36 children in their winter programme

The youth centre’s manager, Kinley Phub, said that the programme aims to help students enhance their creativity, improve their reading, writing, and computer skills. “Engaging in various activities helps children to identify their passion and talent.”

The two-week programme will end on December 17.

The centre also provides after-school tutoring classes and has helped six students to perform well in schools.

Sonam Choki, 15, is a volunteer at the centre. She helps children read and write. “We are expected to carry out certain roles at the centre and this helps build leadership skills.”

Pema Wangmo, 16, a student at Changzamtok Middle Secondary School, is also a volunteer facilitating activities at the centre today.

She said she couldn’t speak in class or stand in front of a crowd before. “Interacting with others has helped me overcome my fears. I found a meaningful way to spend my vacation.”

She also said coming to the youth centre has helped boost her confidence.

Phurpa Tendrel, 16, said he is happy to be there. “I learn something new every day and it is exciting.”

Bhutan Boxing Federation also organised a boxing coaching camp from December 6. Twenty-six youth and children are attending the coaching camp.

Kinley Wangmo, 16, said boxing keeps her physically fit and she feels proud for trying to beat the stereotype that boxing is for men only.

Dorji Nidup, 20, a student at the College of Natural Resources, said that it was better to engage himself meaningfully than stay at home. “The trainers are skilled and talented. I am delighted to be part of the programme.”

The coaching camp will end on December 20.

There are also coaching camps on culinary arts, dancing, and life skills, among other activities organised by Camp RUF, Gokab Bhutan, and V-TOB.

The Bhutan Amateur Athletic Federation (BAAF) is also organising kids’ athletics.