…MP says he is working with the government to fulfil the pledges

Neten Dorji | Khamdang

More than a year and a month after the Khamdang-Ramjar by-election in Trashiyangtse, the people of Khamdang are still waiting for the government to fulfil the pledges that the MP made then.

The Member of Parliament, Karma Gyeltshen,  promised to blacktop the 11.2km farm road from Yartse to Lengkhar, a granular sub-base (GSB) for Thungshing farm road, to resolve water shortages, and to connect the farm road from Lengkhar to Buyang.

A villager, Ningkula, said the roads filled with potholes are covered with water, which turns muddy during summer. “It is risky for villagers and travellers.”  He said vehicles get damaged on the farm road.

Another resident, Ugyen Tshering, said that during the election campaign, the MP pledged that farm roads would be blacktopped soon. “It has been more than a year, but nothing has happened since then.”

He said that because of the road condition, it is difficult for the people to avail taxi service as the fares continue to rise due to bad roads. “It is difficult to get a taxi even if we pay more than Nu 1,000 because of the bad roads.”

Villagers claimed that every time there is an election, the parties and candidates promise to construct roads and blacktop the farm roads. “DNT promised us blacktopped roads. We are not better today than we were back then.”

A local elder in Khamdang said it would not be easy to fulfil all pledges because of the short duration for the MP. “Voters lose interest towards politicians and candidates because most of the time pledges remain unfulfilled.”

Karma Gyeltshen said that he is trying his best to fulfil the pledges.

“After granular sub-base work completes for the Yartse-Lengkhar farm road, I would propose for a government budget to blacktop the road at least until school.  The road conditions are pathetic. No one has taken care of the road for more than 15 -years,” he said.