Kilkhorthang- Mendrelgang, Tsirang

Registered voters: 13,880 | Male: 6,994 | Female: 6,886

Dhan Bahadur Tamang

A movie that inspires me?

The Hindi movie “Gandhi” that I watched some years ago is a thrilling movie that truly touched my heart because it taught me the lessons about the charismatic leadership of the Great Mahatma Gandhi. The truth is that although single Gandhi was born in the universe, nonetheless, his leadership had the multiple impacts on influencing millions of the Indians, who ultimately won the Independence from the British Empire fighting through non-violence measures. Thus, being a leader one got to have such positive influencing capability for the wellbeing of the Nation. A very frail man had proven to be the strongest by his utmost sense of Integrity as a leader who served under humiliation.  

Your stand on the use of titles and symbols once out of office? 

I am not after the title Dasho or kabney patang even before and after retirement. I just want responsibility and accountability.  

Your motto in life is…?

To serve King, Country and the People.

Do you need power to serve the people or country? 

I do not need power rather I need opportunity to serve the people or country. The leaders with authoritarian attribute spoils the decorum of work environment in the organization and brings no positive growth. 

As a teacher, what’s your favourite subject and why?

My favourite subject was to read and teach literature as a teacher because it helps in refreshing the tired mind and acquire substantial amount of extra insights which in turn helps in grooming students. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your campaign and what could be done to address that?

The biggest challenge was to restore lost trust on people about making people believe on the pledges of the political parties owing to not able to achieve their pledges during their tenure as a ruling party. Another challenge is educating people not to indulge in corruption practices. These practices can be avoided only during the tenure of the new political party through proper voters education and enacting stringent laws and revising current election practices. 

BTP pledges to support community vitality. What specific initiatives do you plan to implement in Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang?

BTP’s most unique pledges for promoting community vitality are to revise the unwanted existing policies, rules and regulations to ease the community enabling them to accomplishing their tasks within time frame that eventually brings prosperity in the community. 

As an educationist and former school principal, what do you recommend to improve the quality of education? 

The rigorous professional development program to teachers and consistent follow-up about implementation.

Encourage research based teaching learning. 

Resize the teachers students ratio 1:24 in the classrooms.

Facilitate quality teaching and learning resources like digital facilities, network connectivity, child friendly approaches, etc.  

Provide healthy food and safe and comfortable accommodation facility. 

What if you win and your party loses?

I shall be serving the people and the Government with utmost dedication whether as a member of the ruling or opposition party. 

Kamal Bahadur Gurung

Age: 56

Work experience: 32 years. Former NC member  

Education: Masters in Energy (Electrical Power System Management), Asian Institute of Technology, ThailandA movie that inspires you? 

The Dark Knight

Your stand on the use of titles and symbols once out of office? 

Use of title and symbol is specific to that particular office. It is illegal and illogical to use titles and symbols once out of that office.

Your motto in life is…?

My motto in life is to be kind and grateful to everyone, you don’t know what battles they are fighting in life. Kindness hinges everything!

Do you need power to serve the people or country? 

No, what we need the most in order to serve people is the leadership. As long as you have the willingness to serve the people with equality and justice you are capable to be a leader.

As a computer engineer, what’s your favourite technological innovation?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system that helps you run your entire business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your campaign and what could be done to address that?

Election campaigns are all about connecting people, knowing your voters, building trust and winning hearts. The biggest challenge is, our political system is getting corrupted in the quest for power and victory. There are rumours of fear mongering, bribery, gifts, free meals, vouchers, ferrying of passengers during elections, undermining free and fair elections. If such a trend goes unchecked, no matter how brilliant and competent our children are, they cannot partake in politics. 

However, our voters have gained maturity and experience. They have exercised their franchise based on the credibility of the party leadership and candidate during the primary round.  I take this opportunity to thank all for the unwavering support and trust in People’s Democratic Party.

Tsirang has always voted to elect a new MP. As a former MP, how sure are you of getting elected?

People have realized the importance of electing competent government in the centre and a seasoned, credible and competent MP with proven track record in the constituency. As a former MP and looking at the primary election result, I am confident that people will vote for PDP in the centre and me in Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang constituency.

PDP emphasises community-centric projects. What community engagement initiatives do you plan for Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang? 

Tsirang will see rapid growth in population and in the dzongkhag’s economy, there has been huge pressure on its water sources which is being scarce slowly. Streams and rivers have started to dry up, people constantly are facing shortage of drinking and irrigation water. Our jewels like agriculture, hydropower, tourism and small scale industry largely depends on water resources so it is now high time for us to realize and solve it.

Water source protection and storage in Bhutan is clearly a necessity to meet growing needs as well as to supply irrigation water for agriculture. The community engagement to restore drying-up lakes and water catchment area protection will be my priority plan for Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang constituency.

What if you win and your party loses? 

PDP will form government in the center; it is in the hands of people whether to send ruling or an opposition MP. If I happen to be the opposition MP, I will respect people’s verdict and will try to fulfill their aspirations as opposition MP.