Khamdang -Ramjar, Trashiyangtse

Registered voters: 10,424 | Male: 4,975 | Female: 5,449



Namgay Dorji

Age: 53

Work Experience: 27 years (served education ministry as Tr, Principal, DEO for 18 years and 9 years as Dzongrab of Tsirang and Paro)

Education: Masters in Educational administration and Bachelor of Education



Describe yourself in three words.

Humble human being


What are your thoughts on the current state of politics in our country?

Although our democracy is just 15 years old, our political system appears to be corrupted in the quest for power and victory. There are rumours of bribery, gifts, free meals, vouchers, ferrying of passengers during elections, undermining free and fair elections. If such a trend goes unchecked, no matter how brilliant and competent our children are, they cannot partake in politics.

However, our voters have gained maturity and experience. They have exercised their franchise based on the credibility of the party leadership and candidate during the primary round.  I take this opportunity to thank all for the unwavering support and trust in BTP.


Why did you choose to become a politician?

I was compelled to join politics based on repeated  offers and nominations  by Goshey Nyenshey of the Demkhong ever since 2008.  I regard it as the call of duty to serve my constituency, dzongkhag and the nation at large.


What was special about your election campaign during the primary?

Election campaigns are all about connections, knowing your voters, building trust and winning hearts.

Primary round election campaigns provided an ample opportunity to interact and connect voters, understand their problems and issues.  I have reached unreached hamlets like Dukti, Manam, jangphutse, built human relations, won their hearts and trust to represent my constituency.


A road to Melongkhar is what voters demand? Your comment.

A motorable road is the most important  infrastructure to enhance rural livelood and prosperity.

The only wish and expectation of Rolam, Namthi-Yerphey, Chema- Melongkhar and Dhoogti chiwogs are motorable roads. Bhutan Tendrel party has pledged to construct a road till Melongkhar primary school. This road will immensely benefit above four chiwogs of Yalang.


What is your priority for the constituency?

  1. Kholongchu HEP
  2. Farm roads
  3. Chainlink fencing
  4. Drinking water and irrigation


Three reasons why people should vote for you?

  1. Seasoned and 27 years of work experience
  2. Proven track record
  3. Credibility of leadership


The first thing you will do if you win from your constituency?

Thank the voters for their trust and confidence in BTP. Initiate construction of farmroads and chainlink fencing based on criticality of cases.



Kinley Dorji

Age: 33

Work experience: Gewog Administrative Officer

Education: BA. In Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies

Describe yourself in three words

Optimistic, Honest, Energetic


What are your thoughts on the current state of politics in our country?

The current political landscape in our country has evolved significantly in the past 15 years, embracing democratic principles. This evolution demonstrates a mature understanding of politics among citizens, as reflected in the recent overwhelming primary result for the PDP. Voters are now assessing leadership, candidates, and party capacities rather than solely voting along regional lines. This shift indicates a more informed electorate prioritizing credibility and track records of parties, marking a promising trajectory for our country’s political future.


Why did you choose to become a politician?

I chose politics to contribute to shaping policies that positively impact our nation at every level – from national policies to the grassroots. As a politician, I hold the responsibility and influence to enhance the lives and values of our people through legislation and effective governance.


What was special about your election campaign during the primary?

My primary campaign focused on engaging with every community within the constituency, ensuring that our party’s mission, the competence of our candidates, and the vision of our leadership were effectively communicated. We reached every village through public debates, forums, and personal meetings, emphasizing the strength of our party’s leadership and plans for addressing socio-economic challenges.


A road to Melongkhar is what voters demand? Your comment

Connecting Melongkhar, Chema, Dukti, Yerphel, Namthi, and Rolam through road infrastructure is crucial. It’s not just about roads; it’s about preserving communities, preventing rural-urban migration, and bolstering security. Providing road facilities will empower these areas, preserving livelihoods and bolstering our nation’s security by maintaining these vital connections.


What is your priority for the constituency?

My priorities are: Upgrading existing farm roads and establishing new ones where needed. Ensuring healthcare accessibility with a doctor in each Gewog. Implementing chain-link fencing for security. Focusing on land development, interest-free loans for agriculture, and rural life insurance increments. Enhancing educational facilities and providing housing and vehicle loan opportunities. Supporting larger families and addressing water scarcity through RWSS projects.


Three reasons why people should vote for you?

I bring extensive experience in rural development and governance.

I deeply understand the challenges faced by rural and urban residents alike.

My understanding of private sector issues ensures a holistic approach to development.


The first thing you will do if you win from your constituency?

My immediate actions will prioritize:

Declaring Saturdays as holidays for teachers and students.

Ensuring fairness in tenancy agreements.

Streamlining business regulations to attract investments.

Exploring strategic infrastructure development like airstrips.

Fast-tracking essential projects like the Kholongchu Hydro Project.