Lamgong – Wangchang, Paro

Registered voters: 11,444 | Male: 5,461 | Female: 5,983

Kunzang Dorji

Age: 41

Work experience: 15 years as a Civil Servant and 8 years as a entrepreneur

Education: BA Language and Culture

What do you like about your opponent?

Young and Vocal. 

Why did you recontest?

My decision to recontest is rooted in a deepened commitment to serving the Tsawa-Sum, coupled with the belief that, by collaborating with like-minded individuals within BTP, we can navigate the challenges ahead and usher in an era of prosperity for our beloved nation.

Having served in the Anti-Corruption Commission in the past, what are your thoughts on the current corruption status of Bhutan?

Bhutan currently ranks 25th least corrupt country in the Corruption Perception Index which is testament to the tremendous effort of ACC. 

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river”. Your comment.

I don’t share the sentiment that all politicians make false promises to gain public support. Firstly, we must acknowledge that there are lots of politicians that participate with very sincere and genuine commitment to serve the nation. 

Secondly, we are well into our fourth general election and our citizens are increasingly educated and well-informed. Individuals and media alike scrutinise every statement to great extent and aren’t easily fooled by empty promises. 

Is there anything that Paro district lacks in terms of basic services?

Paro is the gateway to our country and over the years has seen immense developments. Increasing emphasis on the tourism industry and the rapid evolution of Paro as an economic centre has presented many challenges. As per Thimphu Paro Regional strategy make Thimphu Paro flourish and prosper over next 30 years and deliver clean and inclusive growth. For the matter BTP will make a thorough consultation with public and relevant stakeholders  so that it doesn’t become another Paro Valley Development Plan and support the development of LAP for all the gewogs. BTP also aspires to develop Paro as an integrated crop and livestock farming and associated farming culture with tourism to promote agro- tourism as a rural enterprise. 

Although Paro is considered to be a developed dzongkhag, basic amenities like drinking water, irrigation water are short. Cell phone connectivity is an issue in some places. 

What specific measures will your party implement to attract foreign direct investment and boost investment in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors? 

FDI is an important source of capital, knowledge transfer, and technology dissemination. FDI plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and facilitating the creation of high-income job opportunities. It therefore underscores the importance of fostering an environment that is attractive to foreign investors, which can, in turn, contribute substantially to our nation’s economic advancement. We have therefore targeted to attract at least 1 billion worth of FDI investment by 2029. In order to make Bhutan a highly-desired destination for FDI, we plan to review and revise policies that not only makes it easier for investments to come in but also ensures that it operates in a sustainable manner. 

Review and revise FDI Policy to attract foreign investment in key areas such as financial sector, manufacturing, ICT services, education, hospitality, medical care, entertainment and other key potential areas. 

Say you lose, what do you do la?

Regardless of the election result, our goal of a prosperous Bhutan is ongoing, and I am committed to being part of the journey in any way I can.

Sonam Tashi

Age: 34

Work experience: 9 years of experience in construction industry as an Electrical engineer, Construction Project Manager, CEO of Construction Company (M/s DrukTer Builders Private Limited)

Education: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

What do you like about your opponent?

Stepping up to serve our country is no small feat. Politics, as we’ve seen, is an incredibly challenging field, and anyone who steps up deserves acknowledgement for their commitment to making a difference.

Why did you recontest? 

I’m back because my lifelong commitment to public service led me here. From bridging gaps in education to leading in the construction industry, my varied experience has prepared me well. Transitioning into politics feels like the natural next step, driven by my deeper insights and readiness to serve our community better.

In 2018, I stepped into politics, kicking off a transformative journey. Now, I’m more aware and confident after diving deep into politics and governance. This growth sets me apart from who I was five years ago, driving my passion to serve our community with sharper skills and a deeper understanding.

Having graduated as an electrical engineer, what are your thoughts on current digital innovations in the country? 

Digital innovation stands as a cornerstone in modernising service delivery, a catalyst for enhancing processes, products, and services. Technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and cloud computing hold the power to drive positive transformations across business, society, and daily life.

Effortlessly accessing public services with a click has become an essential need, and Bhutan has made remarkable strides in this realm through digital advancements over the past decades. Initiatives such as the Government to Citizen Service (G2C) and the widespread utilisation of online payment gateways, introduced under the governance of the PDP, exemplify this progress. As part of our ongoing commitment to further enhance these services, the PDP has pledged to reduce telecommunication charges by 50%, aiming to elevate connectivity and facilitate greater public benefit.

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river”. Your comment.

This quote humorously captures the scepticism surrounding politicians’ ambitious promises that might not always align with practical needs. While it reflects a common sentiment, it’s crucial to recognize that not all politicians make empty pledges. PDP and its candidates earnestly work to address genuine issues. However, this quote emphasises the importance of critically assessing political commitments and holding leaders accountable for their actions to maintain public trust.

Is there anything that Paro district lacks in terms of basic services? 

While Paro possesses fundamental services, the focus should be on elevating their quality. If given the opportunity, I’m dedicated to enhancing and improving these basic services for the betterment of the district.

What specific strategies will PDP implement to attract foreign direct investment and boost the manufacturing sector?

The PDP plans to create an investment-friendly environment by implementing policies that ease regulatory hurdles for foreign investors. Simplifying procedures and fostering a favourable business climate will be key to attracting foreign direct investment and stimulating growth in the manufacturing sector.

Say you lose, what do you do la?

My current focus remains on achieving a win.