Radhi-Sagteng, Trashigang

Registered voters: 11,039 | Male: 5,402 | Female: 5,637

Tashi Tenzin

Age: 39

Work experience: 15 years in civil service

Education: Master of Geoscience, The University of Western Australia

Your favourite song?

Kupar  sung by Tandin Sonam and Pema Deki

Why did you choose to become a politician? 

BTP’s capable and humble leadership in Dasho Pema Chewang and Candidates, as well as the team’s commitment to prioritizing the nation and its people first, rebuild the economy and make Bhutan a high-income nation. Moreover, BTP recognises mineral resource and mining sector as one of the key economic sectors and leverage its potential. My background and expertise in this sector has tempted me to join the party. I am also excited to reconnect with people of Radhi-Sagteng Demkhong, understand their challenges, explore opportunities and find solutions together while representing them well in policy, legislative, and decision-making processes. 

One thing that you dislike about elections in Bhutan..

Corruption. While the talk of the community is political party or its candidate and tshogpas indulging in corrupt practices, people are not coming forward to report them. This is a disadvantage for a party or a candidate who strives  to ensure clean politics and have genuine interest to serve the Tsawa-Sum. 

How important is money in elections? 

It is important to have adequate money to meet the basic expenses. Voting is our right and for the right reasons, its called secret ballot. I am not sure if money can ensure votes because our people are wise enough to decide for themselves.

Without proper water canals in the constituency, paddy fields are going fallow. What solution do you have? 

The people of Radhi and Phongmed gewogs depend their livelihood in largely on rice plantation. Radhi with 794 acres and Phongmed with 358 acres are among the top two gewogs in terms of rice production under Trashigang dzongkhag. However, in Trashigang Dzongkhag fallow land is increasing. The increasing issue of fallow land is not just water canals. It is also attributed to human-wildlife conflict, labour shortages, high cost of production and lack of market. BTP will prioritise construction of irrigation schemes, mitigating human-wildlife conflict by providing electric and chain-link fencing, instituting crop insurance schemes, facilitate import of seasonal labour, supporting land development and management, constructing cold storage and ware houses and ensuring easier access to market and encouraging agro-manufacturing industries.

Merak and Sagteng have huge tourism potential. What do you propose to boost tourism? Merak, Sagteng, Radhi and Phongmed have great potential in niche tourism. Tourism is recognised as one of the five Ju-Nor to generate income and we will accord highest priority to promote it. For promotion of tourism these gewogs, I’m committed to developing specific tourism products, community-based and domestic tourism. The revision of SDF and allowing tourist entry/exit from all border gates will enhance tourism. Simultaneously, we will develop infrastructure like roads and other amenities.

Your two special pledges for your constituency?

Construction and commission of Gamrichhu- I Hydroelectric Project, black topping of gewog and chiwog roads and construction of new farm roads, where necessary

You are a new face in politics. Why should voters support you?

With more than 15 years of experience in democratic process, I strongly believe people of Radhi-Sagteng Demkhong well understand the capability, motivation, originality and humility of president and candidates. While BTP is a new party, we are equipped with highly motivated, experienced, capable, efficient, emphatic and humble President and Candidates from diverse background.

I served in the Department of Geology and Mines for over 15 years. Working for His Majesty’s Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu (DGRK) during COVID-19 helped me understand people’s issues/challenges. I may be new to politics but I am confident that I will be able to make significant contributions. Therefore, I’m confident that people of Bhutan and Radhi-Sagteng will choose BTP as their government and me as their representative. . 

Sonam Wangchuk

Age: 50

Work experience: 26 years in civil service  

Education: Masters in Business Management and Public Administration from University of Canberra, Australia.

Your favourite song

“Che Nampa Gungsang  thempo, Ney Nampa thridung Nima” 

Why did you choose to become politician

I joined Politics because Politics I always felt it is the highest form of National service and I have been inspired by the leaders of different political parties, who made sacrifices just for the privileged opportunity to serve.  My services for last 26 years have made me to realize how these expertise’s can be leveraged to upscale service to our people through this political platform.

One thing you dislike about elections in Bhutan

Bhutanese strongly believe in Buddhist philosophy and always empathises and with these mercy feelings sometime we tend to lose reasons of voting.

How important is money in Elections

Money inevitably plays important role in election process not necessarily leading to corruption practices but following the age-old culture. 

Without proper canals in the constituency, Paddy fields are going fallow. What solution do you have?

The very duty of the state is to create enabling situation, draught of water supply is very much visible in my constituency. The immediate solution to answer to the long-term plan is to immediately look for sustainable new water sources and carryout maintenances of existing water canals and give ownership to the communities themselves bringing people at the center of planning process. 

Merak and Sakten have huge tourism potentials. What do you propose to boost tourism in these gewogs?

Merak and Sakten obviously have huge tourism potentials and there are many activities to be initiated to further boost tourism in my constituency.  Strengthening farm houses, improving road conditions, educating people on the importance of tourism in the remote gewogs of merak and Sakten.

Your two special pledges for your constituency?

To make Radhi and Phongmey gewogs the real an agrarian society and Merak and Sakten as tourist center among the rural settings. 

Most people supported you during the primary election. Will it happen this time?  

With reasons I got strong support from all four gewogs of my constituency and proved victory and people of my constituency will not lose their reasons of choosing A national leader, A national party and a dynamic representative to answer to the need of the king, country and the people of Bhutan and in particular for the people of Radhi, Phongmey, Merak and Sakten in particular.